Ashlynn Brooke

All The Right Stuff

All The Right Stuff

……Whenever I am traveling to LA to produce new work, I always call my friend Miles Long to see who’s in town that needs a new set of pictures. Miles works almost exclusively in the adult film industry and knows all the key players in Hollywood. He checked around and got back to me with a recommendation to photograph Ashlynn Brooke, a rising star in the adult entertainment business. Miles and I have worked together on various projects over the years, so I trusted his recommendation to set some time aside to work with the promising young talent.

Ashlynn arrived at my suite at the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood along with her makeup artist, a Mexican born beauty by the name of Rosalinda Macias. I highly recommend the Sunset Marquis. The rooms are large, with a view of an indoor court yard and a pool. The service is excellent and just a stones throw from Sunset Strip. Not a bad place to hang out after the shoot.

Ashlynn was a joy to work with. She had a comfort with her body that made photographing her automatic. Originally from a small town in Oklahoma, Ashlynn adapted quite quickly to her new vocation and lifestyle and has developed a reputation for her ability to take care of business on the set……

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One Response to “Ashlynn Brooke”

  1. yoko Says:

    lovely to see a curvaceous and buxom WOMAN….refreshing….beautiful shots, as usual, tony….