Jamie Wyeth

Jamie Wyeth On Fake Horse

Jamie Wyeth On Fake Horse

….Earlier this year on January 16th, 2009 Jamie Wyeth lost his dad Andrew, the legendary patriarch of the Wyeth family of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. I first learned about this famous family of artist’s from my dad, Milton Ward an artist in his own right, who studied American Art History with a passion. As a young boy, I recall dad purchased a framed copy of Andrew Wyeth’s, “Christina’s World”, which dad and many art critics considered, a masterwork of American 20th century painting. It hung in our living room for years as one of dad’s example’s of Wyeth’s best work.
Decades later while on assignment for Philadelphia magazine I was asked to cover a reception for Andrew Wyeth at the Brandywine River Museum, a depository of some of the best examples of Wyeth’s work. It was quite an experience meeting a man that as a young boy I heard so much about. I became friends with some of the Wyeth’s inner circle and was asked again to return to “Wyeth Country” as it’s known with affection to photograph son Jamie. I arrived at Jamie’s property which was not that far from his father’s on a beautiful summer Chadd’s Ford day, the type of day that often exuded the quality of light that the Wyeth’s liked to paint. The landscape in that area of Pennsylvania is breathtaking and the Wyeth’s owned a lot of it.
When I first arrived at the sprawling farm I was greeted by Jamie’s wife Phylis, a Dupont heir who kept her home immaculate and just about everywhere you looked Norman Rockwell could have created a number of vignette’s. After Phylis and I got to know each other a little, Jamie walked in to their large living room to meet me. A handsome man, rugged, sturdy and a willing smile. We proceeded to walk around his home as he showed me some of his own paintings. An accomplished painter in his own right, I was familiar with several of the paintings he pointed out to me. We proceeded to walk outside the farm house, to look for an outdoor setting to create his portrait. I learned from my editor at Philadelphia magazine, that Jamie was some what of a ladies man and I was briefed on some other aspects of his personality which resulted in this picture. My best to the Wyeth family in this year of loss…..

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  1. admin Says:

    Melinda wrote, “I have shown horses since I was 5 and those fake horses are always in tack shops to display blankets. I desperately wanted to climb on one, but alas, was never allowed. I am a bit jealous that Mr. Wyeth got to live out my childhood fantasy!”

  2. admin Says:

    Priscilla wrote, “I looked through all of the links of your blog last night…it was very captivating and I continue to learn about your experience’s both now and in the past. It’s alway’s an impressive revelation of your connections all the different portraits of famous people you’ve taken. I never knew and enjoyed the story about your father.”