Jimmy Binns

The Art Of Caring

The Art Of Caring

…..The first time I saw Jimmy Binns, he was driving around town in a beautiful Jag. His distinguished features and white head of hair against the backdrop of a deep blue perfectly clean auto immediately got my attention. After a while I started seeing Jimmy all over town. It appeared as though we lived in the same neighborhood. The other thing that I noticed, is that the car always appeared to be clean, even in the most inclimant weather. People who know Jimmy are not surprised. Fastidious, organized, a clear mind…..all the signs of a powerful attorney.

One day, I was a block away from the studio having coffee at my favorite breakfast place when Jimmy walked in. Tall, dressed to the nine’s, a commanding presence as he proceeded to sit down just across from me. It was very clear, that Mr. Binn’s was a man who enjoyed the finer thing’s in life, along with the custom made suits, a fertile glimse at the beautiful twentysomething year old who was serving us breakfast. It seemed as though Jimmy and I shared a similar aesthetic for beautiful women. We both new where to have coffee in the morning.

About a year later, a call came in to the studio for me to produce a portrait of Jimmy to accompany an article to be published about his career and philanthropy. Jimmy and I spoke over the phone to get acquainted before the sitting. I was flattered to learn that he was familiar with my work, especially the erotic work of the 90’s. He had a copy of one of my books on his coffee table at home, small world. We set up a date for the shoot shortly after the call and I decided to photograph him at his home, just around the corner from the studio, where I could pick and choose from an array of 4 digit suits. Jimmy was enormously accommodating and a bit of a ham before the camera. He even played himself in one of the Rocky movies, so I knew I was working with a man who knew how to control his visual image.

During the shoot we talked about a wide variety of subjects. The thing that stuck with me the most was his ability to care deeply about causes that he believed in.

I was most taken by his Hero Cop Program, whereby plaques are placed at locations where police officers died in the line of duty. Philadelphia has had its share of mourning the loss of fallen police officers. Four come’s to mind in recent memory. I was touched deeply one morning of the perils of police work when I stopped by a Dunkin Donuts on North Broad Street. The police tape was just taken down and the makeshift memorial was burgeoning with flowers and personal notes. I thought of Jimmy Binns immediately……

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