Wasteland The Ultimate Extravaganza

Largest Fetish Party In The World

Largest Fetish Party In The World

….I first learned about Wasteland on one of my many extended trips to my home away from home Amsterdam, The Netherlands. One evening when I was out on the town with a group of friends, I was informed that the organizers of Wasteland heard a rumor that I was in town and asked if I would meet with them to discuss their upcoming party. They were interested in commissioning me to produce a picture to be used on a poster to promote the event. This is no ordinary party, it’s a *special* party and when they set a date for the extravaganza, 4000 people show up to celebrate the event. So, I went to the meeting and learned more about the players involved, Rene Meuessen and Jeroen Oosterhout, principals of Vault Productions . Rene and Jeroen have been involved with the nightlife scene in Amsterdam for the past two decades and they are the best people to know if you want to have a good time while your staying in Holland. This years event will be held on the 14th of November and yours truly plans to be in attendance! They’ve asked me to make a guest appearance and photograph the event as I have for the past 10 years while one of Hollands top VJ’s projects my images live at the event. There are fashion shows, live performer’s, people attending the event engaged in acts at random and top DJ’s and VJ’s provide the sight’s and sounds of this twice yearly visual and auditory feast. The next Wasteland will commemorate it’s 15th year of existence and will culminate in a book publication of my experiences at this amazing spectacle in 2010. This is the ultimate party for the true hedonist, dress code required. For more information about the event email my good friend Rene at rene@vaultevents.nl, tell him I sent you!………..

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    Rene wrote, “Finally read your blog. Was a lot of fun. Some interesting story’s and great public relations for Wasteland.