Where Are They Now ?

Joe Mammana

Joe Mammana

…..When the call came in to the studio to arrange for a portrait sitting with Joe Mammana, it seemed as though the urban egg farmer was sitting on top of the world. Owner of Yardley Farms, a successful egg-processing business that apparently was handed down from his Sicilian father. Joe enjoyed the comforts of wealth and an extravagant lifestyle. There was the flashy Joe, the Ferrari, the trophy girlfriends, the beautiful clothes.

There was another side to Joe that lay dormant, a 20 year criminal history, which included convictions for aggravated assault, theft, forgery and dealing steroids. Around the time this picture was taken, Joe seemed to have turned his misfortunes around by finding solace in philanthropic pursuits. Mammana became active in Philadelphia’s Citizen’s Crime Commission, and offered more than one million in reward money for leads to solving serious crimes.

Earlier this year Mr. Mammana’s dark side resurfaced as he was arrested, prosecuted and is presently serving an eight year sentence for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and tax evasion. Mr. Mammana’s inner demons for now have won a perpetual inner battle……

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